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State’s Attorney Aisha Braveboy has a strong record of prosecuting violent offenders and implementing strategies to reduce crime.  She manages a budget of roughly $22 million and a staff of over 200. Ms. Braveboy has successfully fought to strengthen Maryland's hate crimes statute, regulate "ghost guns", and make strangulation a first-degree felony.
Aisha Braveboy
Ms. Braveboy works on multiple fronts, the courthouse, the legislature and the community, to accomplish her goals. In the courthouse, Ms. Braveboy and her team of experienced Assistant State’s Attorney work hard and effectively at securing accountability for those who commit the most serious crimes in our community, resulting in an over 90% felony conviction rate.
In addition to a successful prosecution rate, Ms. Braveboy has ushered in significant changes in how individuals and cases are handled to ensure not only that justice is administered in Prince George’s County, but that it is done fairly. She reorganized her juvenile justice unit and created community partnerships to end the school to prison pipeline, one of her major priorities. She also successfully developed a program for Emerging Adults, youth between the ages of 18 and 26. It targets individuals who have been charged with offenses, including handgun possession, auto thefts, armed robbery, and felony assault. They receive a variety of services that provide them with life skills, mentoring and job placement, whether they are in the community or incarcerated, to decrease the likelihood of these individuals reoffending. In addition, Ms. Braveboy has created a number of new units in her office to better address criminal justice needs.  The Public Integrity Unit focuses on police misconduct, excessive use of force and corruption cases.  The Conviction and Sentencing Integrity Unit, the only one of its kind in the state, reviews cases where there are questions or doubts about a sentence that has been handed down.  In addition, Ms. Braveboy is expanding diversion opportunities. She has expanded Back-On-Track program, which focuses on giving first-time felony drug offenders a second chance.Aisha BraveboyIn the legislature in Annapolis, she has been a policy leader, advocating for key pieces of legislation. In 2020, Braveboy took the lead in fighting for a tougher hate crime law, resulting in the 2nd Lt. Richard Collins, III, Hate Crimes Law, which removed unnecessary barriers to prosecuting hate crimes. Additionally, she championed the Assault in the First Degree - Strangulation Law, and further implemented the county’s first Multi-Agency Strangulation Protocol. These efforts have led to a decrease in intimate partner homicides. In 2021, she played an instrumental role in the groundbreaking police reform legislation passed by the Maryland General Assembly, while also successfully passing a bill to expand the definition of 1st Degree Child Abuse.  As an advocate for our youth throughout her entire career, it is no surprise that she was the lead State's Attorney advocating for the Juvenile Restoration Act. During the 2022 session she successfully fought to ban ghost guns, secure funding for workforce development for formerly incarcerated individuals, and to allow certain out-of-court statements made by children to be admitted as evidence.In the community, Ms. Braveboy has launched countywide initiatives – the Prince George’s County Carjacking Task Force and Our Streets, Our Future to address carjackings and gun violence in partnership with public safety, labor, business, and community leaders.  Prior to taking office, Ms. Braveboy started the “Not One” campaign against domestic violence that continues to give victims and survivors a voice. She also created the Multicultural Commission, which is made up of 76 ambassadors from 30 countries, who play a key role in reaching out to the community to bring individuals from diverse backgrounds to the table so that they can have a voice, have their concerns addressed and be an equal part of our conversations to support and advance Ms. Braveboy's commitment to justice for all. She has also created LGBTQIA+ Task Force in her office, the first of its kind in Prince George’s County which advocates for access to resources, equal rights, fair treatment and justice Ms. Braveboy is an Adjunct Professor at Bowie State University where she focuses on training the next generation of criminal justice leaders.  Ms. Braveboy is a former Maryland State Delegate where she represented the people of the 25th Legislative District and Chaired the Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland.  Ms. Braveboy graduated from the University of Maryland College Park, where she received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Government and Politics. She also received her Juris Doctorate from Howard University School of Law. Ms. Braveboy holds memberships in Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. and the National Bar Association.
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